Dmitrij Rysanow

TCD Software founder. Develops in JS, Java, PHP since 2011.

Kinga Jankowska

Co-founder. Styling and RWD graphics expert.


  • Web

    I know popular JS frameworks, like AngularJS, Angular2+ and React. I’m able to learn new frameworks, like Vue, or your own, if it works. I’ve also used and played with new Web APIs, like Websockets, WebGL and WebAudio. Web is new OS. Better than everything we had know earlier.

  • Mobile

    I worked with Android Framework, developed native app in Java called Kids Travel for Octal Solutions. After that we’ve produced another app in Ionic (Quiz App). Cordova is beautiful for simple apps.

  • Backend and devops

    2.5 years experience in PHP Development. Now working mainly with node.js. I’m also learning CI/CD, and containerization topics (Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab). I’ve got my apps hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and own QNAP server



PIDI, PHP Developer

1 year (2014-2015)

Domain service development. Zend Framework, jQuery plugins.

Octal Solutions

1.5 year (2015-2016)

One of small-big-for-me things too. I’ve learned AngularJS and Android Framework here.
We were working on KidsTravel project. Service was on production (with app in Play Store) for 2 about years.


1 year (2016-2017)

Developing and testing portal for lawyers called Cheetah for company Wolterskluwer. Using Protractor.js, cucumber.js, to do BDD E2E testing of whole app

Creative Yellow Solutions

6 months (3.2016-9.2017)

Quiz App for smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), controlled by .NET Backend, with different type of “quizes” (minigames outputting rates). In Ionic Framework with AngularJS.
From scratch to working version.
It has client-side database (loki.js), animations using GSAP, couple of cordova plugins. One of my cleanest and most successful works.


3 months (10.2018 - 1.2019)

Working at financial and administration area. Short time contract, simple app in React, great cooperation with team.

Mascot Wine

1.2019 - 6.2019

Shop with wine


6.2019 - now

Gazetkowo is free app with promotons

My projects

projects that I did for fun

Ruflix - player

URL: Gitlab

Cross-platform torrent-streaming player, that allow search torrents database.

Our offer

  • Remote work with full online availibility
  • IT Constulting for your startup
  • Good online sound and video quality
  • Respecting SOLID/Clean code rules in your app
  • Fast learning technical insides of your product
  • Problem solving skills
  • Design patterns knowledge
  • On-time features delivery
  • Pay by FIATs (USD/EUR/PLN) or wide-known cryptocurrencies (BTC/LTC/XMR/ETH)